Ariana Grande = attention seeker

So we’ve all seen the STAGED duck face photos of her at the hospital , this comes from a colleagues sister in law who is on the ward where most the kids are

She turns up I’ve only 20 minutes are the press here ?? She didn’t utter a word to the nursing staff asking how they had coped with everything , fake hugs, half dead flowers and she was gone

And now look at this “One Love” crap – basically dancing on the deceased’s graves , manufactured miming crap , a decent artist would have allowed the funerals to happen and then arrange something , it’s a complete f**k up backstage with people not knowing where they are meant to be and when

Ariana Grande can’t get it though her tiny skull that she isn’t the first artist to have been involved in a terror attack she isn’t the first to organise a tribute , she is the first who has made everything about her .

What did the victims of 07/07 get NOTHING

What did the victims of Westminster get NOTHING

What will the victims from last night get NOTHING

I won’t share anything that is associated with Manchester attacks , I lost one of my closest friends in the Paris attacks and nobody gave those victims a second thought anymore ,

Ariana Grande – clear off to America again and stay there


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