San Diego and Los Angeles 

Well the tour is in full mode now but I really wish it would cool down hate touring in the summer unless we’re at the North Pole 

No time off till Friday so has been no proper free time 

Unconditional surrender statue in San Diego 

Last nights venue 

View of the grounds in la jolla 

My view in la jolla 
View from the hotel in LA towards griffin observatory 

Right I’m off to plunge myself into an ice bath 🛀🏻 I WISH 

Albuquerque part 2 

I’m melting I’m melting 

Being A Brit I’m not used to it getting this hot so quickly even though the UK 🇬🇧 is having a mini heatwave of its own 

So having the morning off I tootled down to the aquarium 🐟 to literally chill out 

I usually manage to find some fish 🐟 related place to visit on the road but nothing beats the one in Sydney 




Off to California tomorrow and as the air con has gone bang 💥 on the main tour bus having to fly directly to San Diego 

The plus side POOL 🏊 at the hotel , God I miss being able to have a swim when I want when on the road and I certainly plan on making the most of it tomorrow 

Toying with the idea of a trip to Anaheim to see the mouse 🐭 before heading off to the east coast all depends how bloody hot it is 

Just hoping when I get back to England that summer will be over and we have 2 weeks of non stop rain ☔️ before I go back on tour 

On the road AGAIN. Stop one Salt Lake City 🌃🇺🇸

Well after what seems an eternity off the road it’s the start of a busy 6 months 

Another tour of 2 / 3 weeks away then home then away again not that I’m complaining 

Got to Utah last night today is a day off so been exploring – I’m sure I’ve been here before though ! 


​​Show day on Friday and then onto New Mexico 🇲🇽

Definitely looking forward to my mini holiday in 2 weeks during time off from the tour when hit Nassau in the Bahamas 🇧🇸 with some great friends 😀😀😀😀😀

Ariana Grande = attention seeker

So we’ve all seen the STAGED duck face photos of her at the hospital , this comes from a colleagues sister in law who is on the ward where most the kids are

She turns up I’ve only 20 minutes are the press here ?? She didn’t utter a word to the nursing staff asking how they had coped with everything , fake hugs, half dead flowers and she was gone

And now look at this “One Love” crap – basically dancing on the deceased’s graves , manufactured miming crap , a decent artist would have allowed the funerals to happen and then arrange something , it’s a complete f**k up backstage with people not knowing where they are meant to be and when

Ariana Grande can’t get it though her tiny skull that she isn’t the first artist to have been involved in a terror attack she isn’t the first to organise a tribute , she is the first who has made everything about her .

What did the victims of 07/07 get NOTHING

What did the victims of Westminster get NOTHING

What will the victims from last night get NOTHING

I won’t share anything that is associated with Manchester attacks , I lost one of my closest friends in the Paris attacks and nobody gave those victims a second thought anymore ,

Ariana Grande – clear off to America again and stay there

Manchester Attacks

Whilst I and everyone else was shocked  with  what happened AGAIN, reading comments on various newspapers I feel I have to comment on the same thing. Olivia Campbell’s mother’s obsession with the media

Whilst all the other parents who lost children are asking for media privacy and time to grieve not this woman and she has pissed me off from day one demanding the Greater Manchester Police look for her daughter.

Don’t get me wrong I know what it’s like to lose someone we love in a terror attack I was honoured to have been able to call Nick Alexander a friend , for those that can’t remember Nick was the only Brit to be killed in the attacks in the Bataclan in Paris in November 2015.

Charlotte Campbell is running to the media 24/7 , instead of grieving for her daughter she seems to be turning the memory of her into a cash cow …………………

Going on Good Morning Britain when she was missing , she wasn’t the only child but again seemed to think everyone should just look for her.

And now going on to announce her engagement you just know what is going to come from this :

xyz donated a dress

xyz gave rings

xyz gave flowers etc etc etc etc

If you want to announce it then do it after the funerals , how do the other parents feel with this woman’s face appearing every two minutes on the media

We get it your daughter was murdered in a terror attack , she wasn’t the only one, she wasn’t the first , she won’t be the last and for fuck’s sake she wasn’t the youngest

What Charlotte Campbell is doing is cashing in on the death of her daughter and it’s disgusting